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December 30, 2009

Glen Bradley is running in NC House District 49 against Lucy T. Allen for NC State House. Glen is a Constitutionalist first and foremost, and his primary plan is to move the legislature towards asserting the right of State Sovereignty through the 10th Amendment, and to protect our citizens from the unconstitutional overreach of our Federal Government.
  • State Sovereignty
Glen Bradley was responsible in 2009 for drawing the entire NC Republican Party into supporting H849, the bill declaring NC State Sovereignty according to the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution. Establishment politics as usual prevented that bill from arriving on the House floor for a vote, but Glen will go into the State House and change that.
  • Firearms Freedom, Healthcare Freedom
Glen Bradley is responsible for the drafting of, and for the winning of sponsorship for the North Carolina Firearms Freedom Act, to be introduced by David Lewis during 2010. Glen seeks in 2011 to introduce for himself the North Carolina Healthcare Freedom Act, which will declare that the individual mandate is both extra-Constitutional and unconstitutional under the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution, and which Act will compel the Governor to employ every available means of financial, political, enforcement, and martial asset to bear within the State of North Carolina to block and prevent Federal interference from demanding or establishing or enforcing an individual mandate amongst the citizens of the State of North Carolina.
  • Returning power to the People
North Carolina will reserve all those powers of government available to us in our own Constitution to our State according to the 10th Amendment, and on your behalf, North Carolina will reserve to her citizens all those powers not enumerated in the US nor in the NC Constitutions, according to the 9th and the 10th Amendments to the US Constitution.
  • Constitutionalist Reform
Glen will work to repeal our State’s ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment, to amend the 14th Amendment section 1 to establish State citizenship as primary and jurisdictional, and will work with the people and with the assembly of NC to repeal or reform the 17th Amendment in order to re-establish the State’s seniority over the Federal Government as our Founders intended.

We need your help:

Glen Bradley will do all of these things, but he needs your help. Glen Bradley is running against a country-club Democrat with fingers in every pie. She will, without effort, be able to raise the average $100,000 for an average victorious State House campaign in North Carolina. If we, the Constitutionalist patriots of North Carolina are going to take back our State and our nation for We the people, then we must stand up against the country-club establishment and show ourselves stronger, and more numerous than her big business and special interest backers. We need to raise $100,000 to to plant the seed that will restore the Constitutional order, and that seed is the election of Glen Bradley to the NC State Assembly.
  • 10,000 Tens for Glen in 2010
Are there not 1000 patriots in North Carolina who would each see $100 to change the way our State and our Nation does business? If there are only 10,000 Tea Party Patriots in the whole State who will give $10, then this campaign will be completely financed. Where are the patriots and the Tea Partiers who demand that we restore the Constitutional order and reject the old guard and the establishment order? It is time to step up and help put your fellow Tea Partier and Constitutionalist into the State House.
  • State Redistricting
It is critical to remember that the issues of our State are even more important than the issues of our nation. The State House elected in 2010 will be responsible for redistricting. For nearly a century, North Carolina has been gerrymandered — as recent confirmed by the United States Supreme Court — which leads to a condition where the citizens of North Carolina are not fairly represented. Glen believes that our House and Congressional districts should reflect the local and geographical communities which they contain. Mis-shaping our districts in order to influence the sort of people they will elect, is a kind of establishment ‘loading the dice’ against the North Carolina citizens. We can only be fairly represented when our districts are fairly drawn. Glen will stand up and fight on the House floor for fair, community based redistricting, that will give the voters the largest voice we have ever had to demand change, when our representatives misbehave.
  • Jobs and the Economy

North Carolina can easily overcome the economic morass that has gripped our nation by encouraging innovation and competition in our State specifically. We must remove the barriers to entry faced by those inventors and innovators that will compel North Carolina into more perfect future markets. This will consequentially create many more jobs in NC, and well-paying jobs, than in the other 49 States. We can attract industry by becoming a 10th Amendment shelter for the free market, encourage competition by reducing the red tape that stymies competition, and produce less expensive, superior quality goods in North Carolina while providing our citizens more high-paying jobs than can be had in the rest of the nation.

Saving our State, and Restoring the Republic:

North Carolina can become the model for national recovery which the other States will emulate. This starts with electing Glen Bradley to the North Carolina State House in 2010.

Visit http://nchouse2010.glenbradley.net/ for more information and to donate to the campaign. Visit http://nchouse49.ning.com/ to volunteer with the Campaign. WE are the hope that we have been looking for, and only WE can create the change that we seek. Even now, in our nations darkest hours we know that it is always darkest before the dawn. In this present crisis we have been given an opportunity to turn the tide and restore the Constitutional order. Will you stand with us and make this happen?

Andrew Napolitano and Tom Woods on Nullificatin and 10th Amendment State Sovereignty

November 18, 2009

Judge Andrew Napolitano hosting Glenn Beck, discussing 10th Amendment State Sovereignty and the concept of nullification — one of my primary goals in running for NC State House:

A Conservative Energy Security Plan for NC

August 18, 2009

I believe that North Carolina as as State can become energy independent in our own right, all the while solving a host of problems from the economic market, to the impending doom of our tobacco farmers and industry.

Over the next 20 to 30 years, renewable biofuels will naturally begin to grow in prominence in our fuels matrix, as “dying commodity” fossil fuels begin a slow exponential climb in costs over the next century.  The Federal push for biofuels, while probably creating a bubble economy, will reduce the market entry barriers for enterprises seeking a part of this market.  What is likely to follow is a 10 to 20 year “green bubble” following which only the most fit technologies survive.

As it happens, the current oil of choice for biofuels is corn, but corn is one of the worse oils for motors.  One of the best oils for motors, is hemp oil.  Hemp is currently illegal to produce in the United States because it would have interfered with the pulp market of a certain tree baron into paper in the 1930’s.  Hemp is non-psychoactive, and has been used for 1000’s of years for food, fuel, and clothing.  George Washington himself, as well as Thomas Jefferson, grew hemp as a cash crop.

As it happens, the perfect conditions for hemp production are identical to those for tobacco production, except that hemp may need fewer rotations in the soil.

I believe that as the market for tobacco withers, replace those fields with hemp for oil for biofuels production, bring in a company to process into fuel, and over time convert our tobacco industry into a hemp-oil based biofuel industry.

If it pays off, then NC Agriculture may well become wealth again, in a way that makes NC the nation’s next Saudi Arabia.

The best part is, it doesn’t have to be regulated into existence.

Revoke/claim 10th Amendment privilege over industrial hemp production, making it legal in NC to grow hemp.  Hire a lobby org to entice a company to come in and start processing the hemp into oil, and a company to come in and start processing hemp oil, distilling the ethyl alcohol, and producing biofuel ready to pump into a fuel tank.  Hire an Ag lobby to ask tobacco farmers to start diversifying, and growing hemp for oil to sell to the oil and fuel production companies.

Revoke 1 law and hire 2 lobbies is the end of government involvement.  A Conservative energy plan for North Carolina, that may make us one of the most prosperous, and energy-secure states in the union over the next 40 years.

The whole scoop on the Greensboro NC Cap&Trade event

August 18, 2009

This event has apparently been put together by conservatives, and if all the pre-announcement gossip is true, then Kay Hagan is part of it.  I don’t see her in the event announcements, so maybe FreedomWorks was trying to get her to participate and she backed out? I’m just speculating here.

In any case, Kay Hagan is unconfirmed as of now, since FreedomWorks is not announcing her, but there will apparently be a large conservative energy rally sponsored by Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks.  They are even offering free hot dogs and hamburgers for all: http://bit.ly/3aQsDB

I need to know where Senator Kay Hagan fits into this before I decide on FreedomWorks for the time being.

Energy Rally – Thursday, August 20th, Greensboro Coliseum
The Energy Rally Starts at 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm on Thursday, August 20th
Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center: 1921 West Lee Street

From Nathan Tabor:

Energy Rally Master of Ceremonies: Joyce Krawiec

Join us for food and great entertainment.
Multiple speakers will address this issue. Scheduled speakers: Nathan Tabor, Businessman; Valerie White, NCFRW President

Climate Change Legislation being considered in Washington will cause huge economic pain and produce little environmental gain Legislation approved by the House of Representatives will cost 2 million American jobs, raise gasoline and diesel prices up to $4 per gallon, make American businesses less able to compete globally, and reduce America’s energy security. The U.S. Senate will soon take up climate/energy/tax legislation. Let our U.S. Senators know they need to “get it right” and not make the same mistakes as the House. Energy Citizens are people from all walks of life-workers in industry, truckers, farmers, homemakers, small business owners-whose daily lives and ability to carry on business depend on affordable energy and a healthy economic environment that secures today’s jobs and provides employment opportunities for a growing population.

For more information email jrkrawiec@aol.com.

From http://FreedomWorks.org/

Aug 17, 2009
Help Oppose Cap and Trade – Attend the Energy Citizen’s Rally in Greensboro!

As I’m sure you’ve seen, President Obama’s healthcare reform campaign has been dominating the airwaves and town hall meetings around the country.  It cannot be underestimated how important it is to stop this big government scheme.

But it is equally important that we don’t let up pressure against another threat: Cap and Trade.  More accurately called “Cap and Tax” – this legislation has already passed the House and will be in the hands of the Senate when they come back from the August Recess in September.  Please help spread the word about the Cap and Tax plot by attending the Energy Citizens’ Rally in Greensboro, on August 20 at the Greensboro Coliseum.  Doors open at 11:30 am and there will be hamburgers and hot dogs for all.

This will be a great opportunity to learn more about how proposed cap and trade legislation, like the Waxman-Markey bill which recently passed the U.S. House of Representatives, could impact your wallet and what you can do about it.  We know that if something like Waxman-Markey passes out of the Senate, and the President signs it into law it means lost jobs and a massive new energy tax for American consumers – just when our economy can afford it least!

You can learn more about the Cap and Tax scheme as part of FreedomWorks’ August Recess Call to Action.  Be sure to download the action kit and check out the map for town halls and citizen action rallies (in green) near you.  Click “Page 2”  to see more – there are too many to fit on one page.

Finally, if you haven’t already, please be sure to TAKE ACTION and tell your legislators to oppose cap and trade schemes like Waxman-Markey.  Thank you for your ongoing vigilance on this important issue.

Energy Rally – Thursday, August 20th, Greensboro Coliseum
The Energy Rally Starts at 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm on Thursday, August 20th
Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center: 1921 West Lee Street

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My Mission in the NC State House

August 8, 2009

My primary mission in the NC State House, will be to restore the proper relationship between the citizens and our government.

For far too long in our Constitutionally Representative Democratic Republic, those whom we have elected to office of every party have neglected to pay heed to the opinions of their constituents, nor to the Constitutional Law which represents all the citizens everywhere.  They pay lip service to feedback, but when the rubber meets the road and 85% of the citizens are against a bill, they vote for it anyway.  Their lips are near to the Constitution when they need to be, but their principles are absent when it comes to a vote. Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of North Carolina, it is time for this to change.

The path to positive change is found in restoring the Constitutional order, which will restore all of those abused powers back into the hands of We The People, where they rightfully belong.  This path is paved in a series of five legislative Acts, which will restore freedom and independence in the realms of energy, healthcare, firearms, State’s rights, and in individually reserved powers.

Energy Independence and Freedom Act
Healthcare Freedom Act
Firearms Freedom Act
10th Amendment State Sovereignty Act
9th Amendment Reserved Powers Act

The passage of these five Acts will not only bring about revolutionary change in the way government business is run, but will also spur the kind of innovation, entrepreneurship, and productivity that has been the hallmark of economic recovery around the world for the last millennium.

Join forces with me, and whether it only takes a single session of the State Assembly, or if it takes 5, or 10; together:

we will: restore personal market oriented liberty
we will: restore Doctor/Patient independence
we will: preserve the right of citizens to bear arms
we will: return to the States their rightful say
we will: reclaim the principle of Constitutional liberty

Glen Bradley in 2010
for NC State House district 49

Donate – Volunteer – Vote

*note: links to donate, volunteer, and voting information are under construction and will be included in the next such publication, and then edited into this one.

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Freedom Acts Five Year Plan

August 4, 2009

Citizens of North Carolina, and of the Unites States.  I have a plan to restore the Constitutional Order.  It begins with a series of 5 acts at State Level, followed by a similar series of 5 Acts at the Federal level.  We, the conservatives of North Carolina have a plan that is less expensive, and more fiscally sound going forward, and covers more topics and citizens than the Democrats plan.

Glen Bradley, being elected GOP 1st Vice Chairman of Franklin County NC

Glen Bradley, being elected GOP 1st Vice Chairman of Franklin County NC

Vote Glen Bradley for State House d49 and together we will rebuild the public trust, and restore the republic.  Help me pass the following five Acts:


Projected outset: Summer, 2011 — Projected outset means the furthest out date expected for passage

Internal North Carolina Energy Policy is the business of North Carolina alone. Any energy transaction which originates and terminates within the borders and provinces of the State of North Carolina, do not fall under Federal Regulation.

Furthermore, Federal governmental interference in energy policy for transactions which begin and terminate within North Carolina is declared by this assembly to be a violation of the 10th Amendment reserved powers, describing powers reserved to the States; therefore evoking the penalties of law, whether (by case being) civil or criminal justice proceeding.


Projected outset: Winter, 2012

ObamaRaleighNorth Carolina Citizens have a right to freely choose their own healthcare regardless of what plans may be enacted over them. One of the primary components of being a free people is the right to self ownership in our persons and in our bodies, and healthcare is a basic component of this concept.

Make it illegal by North Carolina State law, punishable by prison, for any government employed bureaucrat at any level to suggest care decisions which can only be left between patient and doctor.

Establish a Health Savings Account for every legal NC citizen with a $500 seed, and enable pre-tax income withholding into these stabilized accounts, which mature to cash in 7 years. Enable direct HSA-to-Doctor and HSA-to-Pharmacist debits. Incentivize catastrophic, disaster and long term health insurance plans to account for what the individual health accounts cannot.

Continue to have persons and companies co-fund pretax health withholdings; and allow the INDIVIDUAL USER to proportion that revenue three ways. 0-100% Catastrophic or traditional health insurance. 0-100% deposit into Health Savings Account. 0-100% Contribution to public care.

User decides, “I want to debit 4%, and the company will match me that far so the revenue stream is 4% of my gross income times 2. Given that stream, I want 35% to go to catastrophic and long term care, 55% into my Healthcare Account, and 10% into the public welfare.”

Create a system of 100% /voluntary/ income withholding, paying into a “Public Care” plan to augment the poor’s lack of disaster coverage and smaller HSA accounts. Allow every NC citizen to choose an amount of voluntary withholding for the public plan. Zero to 100.

This “public plan” is really a blanket insurance policy for the uninsured, designed primarily to reduce the impact to hospitals for hosting free clinics. The public in general is asked to make a purely voluntary contribution, which funds collected state-wide are then paid out in direct proportion per capita coverage, to the hospitals having hosted free clinics.

The system is never really expected to pay 100% of cost, but if a hospital’s costs to operate a free clinic are recouped to 80% on account of the voluntary public contributions, then they will certainly be more inclined to have them.


Projected outset: Summer, 2012

A NC-tweaked clone of the Montana Firearms Freedom Act, plus enforcement power. Efforts on going include a preliminary bill text here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=102783118574


Projected outset: Spring, 2013

As H849 currently in the NC House, plus enforcement power.


Projected outset: Spring, 2014

States that any powers not Constitutionally reserved to the Federal Government or to the States respectively, is reserved to the people, and subject to popular assent. Any and all powers sought by the government, being Federal or State governments not specifically spelled out as authorized in the State or US Constitutions, will be subject to a public caucus and a ballot initiative whether to grant the government permission to set policy. This CONDITIONAL agreement to allow government action in areas not spelled out in the Constitution is based on the Constitutional principle of RESERVED POWERS. If the people choose to reserve the power to do Xyz, then the government will not be allowed power over that domain. If the people choose to release the power to do Xyz, then the government will be granted authority over it.

This sort of permission can, in extreme cases, be revoked and restored and revoked and restored again etc. over time. As long as it is caucused and placed on a ballot initiative coincident with a general election.

This gives the People direct power to permit and revoke powers (reserving of not reserving them unto them selves) of the Federal and State governments. All duties spelled out in the Constitution, of course, are not subject to assent, but rather to the traditional amendment process.

Act will recognize the fundamental concept of citizen sovereignty.

Act will recognize the purpose of the Constitutional Republic, to protect the ultimate minority of the individual.

Act will authorize enforcement measures to penalize/prosecute those who as lawmakers willfully oppose or seek to ‘work-around’ or otherwise negate the provisions of 9th Amendment law.

Triangle North Bands Together to Tell the President NO!

Triangle North Bands Together to Tell the President NO!

NC HealthCare Freedom Act — Feedback saught

July 25, 2009

Looking for feedback on this one:

Thoughts on a kind of “patient’s bill of rights” seeking to reform NC Health-care in light of the coming federal universal healthcare project.  The following points are items I believe such an act should include.  Please contribute your own ideas prolifically. 😎

North Carolina State Healthcare Freedom Act

Illegal per NC State Law for any employee of State or Federal government to suggest healthcare decisions.

Guarantees the right of NC Citizens to associate with the healthcare provider of their choice.

Mandates by law, that no covered procedure may ever be denied, given a licensed physician determining the procedure ‘appropriate.’

Authorizes tax-free healthcare savings accounts for every NC Citizen, and allows payroll deductions for said accounts.  Establishes a “direct to Doctor” deduction of HSA funds at point of purchase.

Breaks the Drug Lobby by deregulating provider and pharmacist access and provision of medicine, while maintaining safety increasing the penalties for negligence and fraud.

Authorizes group and industry plans, and allows the purchase of plans from out of state.