Where did all the money go?

If there is one thing I know it’s that you can’t fix a broken arm by beating it with a baseball bat.  If it was debt borrowing and spending that brought us here, then more debt borrowing and spending will not get us out.

Socialism never works in the long run, and once you run it into a completely devalued currency, it doesn’t even work past the shortest of terms.

Here of late, around the NCGOP we hear so much talk about how we have to hold our own accountable to principles.  How we have to transform the image of the GOP into people who walk the talk.  How, “I am a conservative first, and THEN a Republican.”

Most of it is just a bunch of smoke up the vent.  They speak of how sound economics and a Constitutionalist policy is the source of our strength.  They say it, because they know that’s what the grassroots wants to hear.  Then they will demand that we have to back Richard Burr, who not only voted for TARP against overwhelming and vocal public opposition, but later sought to justify this overt socialism by telling us: “The idea was good, but the Democrats just handled it wrong.” (apology letter of [January?])

Since when is socialism ever a good idea?

October 2nd 2008; protesting TARP

October 2nd 2008; protesting TARP

Anybody who will sell socialism to the American People as ‘a good idea’ is not fit to hold a Republican seat.  You can disagree with me, but I am a lost cause, because I will not change my opinion.  I will not work against him, but neither will I help someone who, I believe, will continue to promulgate the idea that Republicans do one thing and say another.

And I will fight hypocrisy in my Party, wherever I encounter it.

Do you remember where you were on September 29th, 2008?  I do.

September 29th, 2009; on Buffalo and Capitol

September 29th, 2008 on Buffalo and Capitol

I was on Capitol, just inside of the 401 merge.  Don’t tell me that we are going back to principles, but then tell me that I have to support an unprincipled Republican.  I can not.  I will not.

Besides, the logistics of it are all gone:

If you are a Republican in North Carolina, you know that without the Blue Dog vote you don’t win.  How many Blue Dogs do you know will vote, for the Republican who voted for TARP (justifying fiscal irresponsibility, but only for republicans) and later chastised the Democrats for a plan they (lol’z) thought was better?

I  know Blue’s, and if they wanted a socialist then they have plenty of their own to pick from. Fred Smith said that all year long in 2008.  I remember!

I believe that Burr has lost his seat even if we throw the entire weight of every Republican in North Carolina behind him, and further, commit every one to the fight.  He has lost his moral authority with the Blue’s, and we cannot win in the General without the Blue’s.  You know the math as well as I do, and probably better.

Now let me be perfectly clear,

and do not misunderstand me, I WANT to keep Burr’s seat.  I also happen to believe that Burr is a lost cause.  I also believe it is POSSIBLE to keep Burr’s seat.  By defeating him in the primary.  I even see a credible challenger in Virginia Foxx.  I would campaign day and night from now until November of 2010 for Virginia Foxx for NC Senate.

I am a man of my word, and if Burr wins the Senate GOP primary I will not publicly mention his name once, until after the General.

– but how dare you ask me to support a man who peddles socialism to his electorate as a ‘good idea.’  I won’t do it, and I won’t pretend.  Per the rules I will take this post down and remain perfectly silent on the matter following the 2010 Primary.  But I am philosophically incapable of helping or supporting him.

This is why I really hope Virginia Foxx will consider a Primary run for Senate, please Madame Congresswoman.  We do really need that seat.


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