What will you do, Mr Chairman?

I have a question for all four of the candidates for North Carolina Republican Party Chair, This question is for Chad Adams, Marcus Kindley, Bill Randle, and Tom Fetzer:

We all know that all political power resides in the grassroots.  If you suppress the grassroots, then you will suppress the GOP's political power.

We all know that all political power resides in the grassroots. If you suppress the grassroots, then you will suppress the GOP's political power.

What will you do, when new voices arise from the grassroots, and take this party in a new direction?  You know that the grassroots are the future of the Republican Party, and our new voices are calling for our deep connection to the grassroots Republicans of North Carolina.

*edited to add: by ‘a different direction’ I mean specifically – developing a deeper connection with the whole Republican grassroots.  Losing the disconnect between an entrenched establishment and the Republican base, and working together to achieve policy goals.

It is time to stop relying on the establishment to suddenly start listening to the grassroots, and to become the establishment ourselves.  But because we have been proven right again and again with our support, people are doing research and being influenced by truth.

I don’t want to boot anybody out, and I very much want for all of us to work together as a team.  But if the team manager wants to work against the implementation of Constitutional Originalism, then I will work to have him replaced.

No more State Party oligarchies of status opinion and quo; but a whole grassroots – working together to effect real change in our State and National Governments.

Gentlemen, these are weighty times, and who among us will put our self above State and Nation?  Who among us will put our Constitution above all, and will work for the development of the government it describes?

It is a new day in America, and a new day for the North Carolina Republican Party.  We have to get out of the hamster wheel and start making ground.

Ten Thousand Strong

Ten Thousand Strong Ron Paul supporters marched on Washington DC to demand change. Without the grassroots, we are nothing.

So what will you do, Mister Chairman, when new voices arise from the grassroots, and take this party in a new direction?

I am a concerned Republican, and I want to know.


6 Responses to What will you do, Mr Chairman?

  1. Glen Bradley says:

    First reply received comes from William “Bill” Randall, on the ball with a technical appeal to the convention platform, and a recognition of the potential forces behind such an upswell.



    Good day to you. What an excellent and intriguing question.

    The challenge surrounding your question is how a Party Chairman might “react” to such a grassroots action. I, for one, do not believe we should ever be in the mode of reacting. Instead, we should take the principled action of R-E-S-P-O-N-D-I-N-G (…which is different).

    If a hypothetical grassroots upswell takes place, the question the Chairman must ask: “What is the cause (and motivation) for the upswell?”

    * Is it dissatisfaction with elected officials who do not vote consistent with their constituents?
    * Has legislative recklessness placed more burdens and/or restrictions on the constituency?
    * Has the media “branded” through shrewd mischaracterization?

    In short, it is important to first determine “What is going on?”.

    Next, the Chairman must draw from his/her knowledge of the Party platform to determine how effectively (or ineffectively) the platform (as it currently stands) addresses the fundamental issues and concerns raised by the grassroots movement.

    1. If the Republican Party platform adequately addresses the concerns, the Chairman then has an obligation to “remind” the grassroots movement of what the Party stands for in that regard. Hand-in-hand with this would be the Chairman putting in motion actions that would facilitate “getting the word out” to the constituency: E-mail, internet (Facebook/Twitter, YouTube, Party website), District and County Chairmen, as well as active grassroots organizers.

    2. If the Republican Party platform (as currently written) does NOT adequately address the grassroots movement’s concerns, then there should be a move to draft a coherent proposal that would be presented for adoption at the annual Party conventions. In the interim, all parties concerned should be open to constructive dialogue that would work towards a reasonable and fitting resolution of the “delta” between grassroots concerns and Party platform.

    Thank you once again for giving me an opportunity to address your concerns.


    William “Bill” Randall
    Candidate, NCGOP Chairman
    Wake Forest, NC

  2. Glen Bradley says:

    I believe that the fundamental desire of the grassroots is to return to the Republican values of Robert Taft and Barry Goldwater, who will take a hard line on the Constitution, and who will actually stand up and fight against hypocrisy in their own party.

    In many cases, so many good conservative movements are killed, because they just don’t have the right name behind them, and that ought not to be so. This needs to be about what we can do together to restore the American Republic, and not about who the movements are associated with.

    I have updated the question with a clarification, my apologies for making that unclear.

  3. Glen Bradley says:

    Chad Adams takes time out from a very important day to describe his response:

    A fair question and one that deserves an answer.

    Obviously we need to have new voices at the table.  We need new ideas at the table. And we need to respect our conservative roots as well.

    We are strongest when we respect the ideas of others and come together with a simple and relevant message to our fellow North Carolinians and our fellow Americans.  We cannot sacrifice our fiscal and socially conservative soul, but we can figure out how to integrate new ways to integrate our message that is more easily understandable and more intelligible to the media.

    We must also have the courage to debate what our party stands for and what impact that has on our founding documents.  We must and will be strong enough to have such discussions amongst ourselves and we shall!


  4. Glen Bradley says:

    On April 12th, the date that North Carolina became he first State’s Assembly to declare Sovereignty from the British Crown, Marcus Kindley provided a reply:

    Dear Mr. Brady [sic]:

    “What will you do, when new voices arise from the grassroots, to take this party in a new direction?”

    The Answer is that all Regestered Republicans are welcome in our Party. To take the party in a new direction they must become a part of the Party and help to make it better, to represent the principles of the Republican Party, take their passion and use it to make those principles a reality in the election of Candidates that represent those ideals. All have the right to speak and be heard. Sometimes it takes a little shaking to focus on the future.

    This question is one that is better answered in an hour question and answer period which I am willing to participate in. I would welcome such an exchange.

    Marcus Kindley

    Candidate for NCGOP Chairman

  5. Glen Bradley says:

    I was hoping for all four by now, but I will start responding today.

    I like the appeal of Bill Randall’s technical approach. Though on the surface it maybe sounds less inclusive, I believe that if everybody simply followed the rules, we would all have a shot at fair representation. I think this is Bill’s approach and I agree with it. I also bear in mind that Mr Randall is not as familiar with the local landscape as the rest of us.

    I believe that Chad Adam’s approach will lead to a stronger platform and activist base, by recognizing Republican principles for a share of the table (of power) rather than who has the most media money invested in a name, we will be able to move and /activate/ the Republican Party according to the deepest grassroots Republican principles.

    I also like Marcus Kindley’s initiation of a response, wherein he recognizes also that all registered Republicans merit an equal share of the franchise to Party power, and voice.

    All three of these concepts work together to create a healthy Party, and regardless of which of the three of you wins, I hope we will work together to bring all three of these visions to fruit.

    I will maintain my preference privately until all four candidates for State Chair have responded, and a discussion ensued.

    Glen Bradley

  6. Titus says:

    good job, Glen! Your site looks great…you have alot of passion.

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