A Paulian Reports on the NC Second District GOP Convention

Yesterday, on Saturday April 25th, the North Carolina Second District Republican Party Convention gathered delegates from 10 counties to Franklin County, NC to convene and to organize for the next two years.

As the Franklin County GOP 1st Vice Chairman, I welcomed everyone to the convention — I actually had something prepared, but didn’t use it.  Ad libbed, and mentioned that it’s been 20 years since we held a District Convention in Franklin County, and alluded to how I am sure this one would go better than that one.

The spokesman for Chad Adams (whom the NC Paulians/Constitutionalists generally support for State Chair) being a former State Chair himself chuckled about how 20 years ago when District was held at the Louisburg Armory, the whole thing devolved into a fistfight and a rump convention, but clearly the right people were in charge now, given that one of the delegates present, (Buzzy) was apparently key to breaking up the fight, and moving the rump outdoors.

No actual candidates were present; but we had spokesmen for all 4 chairs and 2 vice chairs.  State Representative David Lewis spoke for Tom Fetzer.

The election of officers was pleasant and routine.  The existing leadership was reelected as a slate (with the official addition of Dodie Renfer as Vice Chair); and following all of the officer’s elections, the Constitutionalists/Paulians now have quite a quite significant (and an apparently quite fair) share of the spots on the At-Large committee.

We were not obstructed one bit.  Instead, we were welcomed as fellow Republicans, meriting a representative share of ‘voice’ within the party, just as it ought to be.  Whatever residual “all Ron Paul people must be stopped!” nonsense there was from 2008, seems to have completely evaporated.

We moved on from the election of officers into the Resolutions phase.

First, a little background:  before the convention, the 2nd District Chairman, Al Lytton mentioned to me that I would get time to talk about the Vance Resolves whenever they came up for adoption.  He also mentioned that he’d like to see them adopted as a slate, specifically because he didn’t foresee any kind of opposition to any of the three of them.

I honestly wondered about what Al was telling me, because while I am obviously in favor of the Vance Resolves, I simply can’t imagine something that a Ron Pauler offers up to the GOP being completely unopposed.  So, I stated that I have in the past been trying to adopt the first by acclimation (because it states “IN ACCORD” in the first Resolve) and then the second upon debate because it was more controversial.  He agreed that was a good idea, and so that was the plan for the Convention.

Not waiting for me to move to adopt any resolutions, Al called me up when the resolutions hit the agenda, and I started on my speech:  “I’m Glen Bradley, and I’m the guy responsible for this blatant piece of Republican propaganda” (holding up the resolves package)

I had 5 minutes ready; but I, well, ‘sensed’ the crowd and stopped in a good place at 1:30.  I’ve never ‘sensed’ a crowd like that before, but it felt like everyone in the room pretty much liked it, I felt zero opposition whatsoever, and I decided at that point that anything I might say could only hurt, no matter how good it was.  So I said ‘Thank You” and sat down.

And then I moved to adopt all three as a slate.  The whole thing was completely improvised.

During the debate phase;

State House Rep David Lewis; (who I ran against last year for national committeeman as a blatant Ron Pauler) actually said that he wanted to speak, not being opposed to the Resolution;

(other than to say that you can’t restore what hadn’t been technically lost, given that we still had the Constitution; but another gentleman responded that it was too obvious to dispute but that it had already been lost, and he seemed to carry the floor)

but mostly Congressman Lewis wanted to state that his complaint (being a NC State Assemblyman himself) with H849 was that it didn’t have enough 9th Amendment in it, and it didn’t focus on personal sovereignty enough, and that he, personally had fought for more 9th amendment in H849.

I agreed and thanked him, stated that when I assembled the first Resolve (using the Tennessee model) I felt it was missing personal sovereignty, and so added the 9th Amendment.

Another gentlemen wanted to comment that he was so glad to see something like this; he thanked me for making it, and said that it was about time.

There was no vote necessary to end the debate, everyone had had their say.

The vote was unanimous, and loud.  😀  68-0 to adopt the Vance Resolves as a slate.

Huzzah for the 10th Amendment!

The official report is located here.


3 Responses to A Paulian Reports on the NC Second District GOP Convention

  1. Titus says:

    Oh, wow!

    Good job, Glen…sounds like you won them over. I have sensed a crowd before, also. It is a REALLY tough situation to decide whether or not you will hurt yourself if you don’t ad lib.

    Sounds to me like you did PERFECT.

  2. Glen Bradley says:

    Thanks Titus;

    I have sensed crowds before in the way of “oh my these guys are about to riot; let’s get out of here!”

    But this was more like “there is nothing that I can possibly do to add one single vote, therefore if I have any effect on the outcome it can only be to lose votes. Thus, sit down and shut up.”

    I don’t think if I gave all 5 minutes I would have lost any of the delegates. It was more of a ‘pick the best strategy to accomplish the goal’ thing.

    I really wanted to move each resolve individually, so we could consent to the first and discuss the second; but the natives were getting restless and it was too important to send the package on to State to jeopardize by drawing it out. So we adopted them as a slate.

  3. Titus says:

    Right. Best not to bore people if you already have them in hand. That is a smart move. Even if you wouldn’t have lost anyone, you made the right choice.

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