Bradley for NC State House

OK Ladies and Gentlemen, I am writing today to report that I will, in fact, be running for North Carolina State House District 49 in 2010.

My Primary election opponent is likely to be Keith Sherron, and my General election opponent will be Lucy T. Allen.

I had originally intended to run in 2012, following my term in office as the Franklin County GOP’s First Vice Chairman.  I had no desire to do what I felt like was ‘shirking’ my responsibility in that party office in order to run for public office.  However many people have come up to me to urge me to push my plans up to 2010 on account of redistricting.

Quite frankly, I agree that redistricting is important enough to go ahead and make a run for it in 2010.  We have to put an end to the Democrat gerrymandering in North Carolina, and we have to stand up and force our legislature to abide by the NC State Law which states that US and State Congressional districts must not break county lines.

As it stands, the current NC districting scheme is in direct violation of North Carolina state law, and these laws have been flagrantly and willfully violated in order to accomplish a liberal stranglehold on a mostly conservative state.

This kind of intentional thwarting of the will of the people flies in the face of the laws of our Republic, and violates the democratic process to it’s fullest extent.  It is time that We The People stood up and said enough is enough!  If the citizens of North Carolina are going to be held to account to State law, then we citizens must stand up and likewise hold our lawmakers to account to State law.  No more can we sit silently by and allow them to maintain a double standard, violating the law with impunity, in order to unjustly hold on to power that rightfully belongs to the people of North Carolina.

When I am elected to the NC State House to represent you, my two primary goals for the 2010-2012 session will be:

1) to advocate for fair, community based redistricting that complies with state law and that does not favor EITHER of the political parties, but instead favors the PEOPLE of North Carolina, and

2) to introduce and push for State legislation protecting the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th, and 10th Amendment rights of North Carolina citizens against federal encroachment and overreach.

In protecting NC Citizen’s 1st Amendment rights, I will push for the adoption of school choice acts, including charter schools, voucher systems, and homeschooling.

In protecting NC Citizen’s 2nd Amendment rights, I will introduce a North Carolina Firearms Freedom Act similar to the Montana FFA that has passed in their state legislature.

In protecting NC Citizen’s 4th Amendment rights, I will introduce and advocate for bills rejecting compliance with RealID and the Patriot Acts.

In protecting NC Citizen’s 9th and 10th Amendment rights, I will support and agitate for bills recognizing NC State and Citizen sovereignty and restoring the Constitutional Order.

Stay tuned to this blog, I will soon edit it with links to my opponents websites as well as a website of my own.

And thank you for your time and support.


Glen Bradley

PS – Until I have a proper system set up to receive donations electronically, you can send check or money order to:

Glen Bradley for NC State House District 49
Campaign Headquarters
Attn: Treasurer, Jacque Esslinger
144 Ridgewood Road
Youngsville, NC 27596

As you may imagine, this will not be an easy race, and every penny helps.  Clearly, our state, our nation, and our families are in a difficult financial position.  I will be facing an extremely well funded Democrat in the 2010 General Election, and in order to get the message out, I will need your help.

Thank you so much, and Semper Fidelis

Glen Bradley


2 Responses to Bradley for NC State House

  1. drieick says:

    Good luck. Err, I mean, break a leg.

  2. titus says:

    I will be rooting for ya from Louisiana!

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