An open letter to any NCGOP members who still hate Ron Paulers

In the interest of Party unity

I am a Grassroots, Constitutionalist, Republican political activist.

I have been an active Constitutionalist for 20 years.  I have voted Republican all of my life, but I have been a Republican Party activist for only 2 years.  For most of my life it was apparent to me that the Republican Party was just as anti-constitution as the Democrat party.  Now that I see the view from the inside, it has become clear to me that it is not the grassroots Republicans who are anti-constitutionalists, but their leaders who have UP TO THIS POINT failed to properly represent them.  I hope and I fully believe that this will change from this point going forward.

I became active in the Republican Party because I encountered a genuine principled Constitutionalist Republican — Ron Paul — who has made a great deal of success in the GOP, and who has taught me that Constitutionalist roots go back in the GOP at least as far as Robert Taft in the 1930’s.

In 2007, when we began to get involved in the GOP, we were met with open hostility.  NC Republicans claimed that we were trying to take over the North Carolina Republican Party, kick everybody out and steal it for ourselves. This, of course, was a lie.  As one of the statewide leaders for our entire group, our plan from day one was to work with the GOP in every way possible, and to agitate from within to affect the Constitutionalist reform of government.

My purpose in writing today, is in fact in the interest of party unity.

After the 2008 NC State GOP Convention, certain parties within the NCGOP chose to mock and scorn us.  They chose to declare victory against those “filthy Paul-tards” and to assure one another that our attempts to take over the NCGOP were so pathetic that it was as if we hadn’t even tried to do so in the first place…though they assured themselves that we had in fact tried.  Nevermind that 80% of the goals we brought to the State Convention in 2008 were, in fact, accomplished.  Nevermind that the reason it did not seem as though we were trying to ‘take over’ is because we were not, in fact, trying to take over at all.

They pointed to us in our anger, and claimed that our anger meant that they had been right all along.  Yes we were mad, and why were we mad?

You have to understand, from our point of view, the NCGOP had said, “We don’t want no stinking principled constitutionalists in OUR Republican Party!”  They went on to say, “We will cut your rightfully allotted delegates in half, for half of those we will even install people who support other candidates, and then we will lie about you to do so, and we will do everything in our power to shut you down, cut you off, and shut you up. You stupid Ron Paul people!”

So after the 2008 State Convention, we got together to decide how to react in the face of such open hostility.  We decided that we would stay anyway, and despite this hostility we would still try to work WITH (rather than against) the NCGOP organization.

For the most part, I believe that it has become clear to most members of the NCGOP that we are here as allies and not enemies.  That agitating for a return to a fundamentally principled stance honoring the US and NC Constitutions is not necessarily a bad thing, and I believe that in 2009 we are being welcomed in quarters that were unimaginable in 2008.

But there remains a great deal of animosity, and an irrational hatred for our group of Ron Paulers within the NCGOP.  I would like to think that this is just the remnants of the lies and propaganda that were spread about us in 2007 and 2008.  But I have to wonder why such irrational hatred would have persisted after two years unless the propaganda were still ongoing?

This message is not intended for the peddlers of these lies and this propaganda within the NCGOP who are telling you that you should hate us.  They are irrational, and no amount of reason will sway them  I know that.  It is, instead, directed towards those of you who may have in the past, and who may still believe them today.

I want to assure you that we are not here to ‘take over’ the NCGOP.  We are not some mentally challenged bunch of radical anarchists secretly hoping for a North Korean attack on Los Angeles.  We are not cheerleaders for Al Qaida as you have probably been told.

We believe in the US and NC Constitutions, and we believe that the vast majority of problems we have today can be attributed directly to our government’s failure to abide by that law. We believe in sound money of a fixed value unassailable by the political whims of a given administration, and in commonsense economic policies that keeps the government OUT of our businesses and OUT of our wallets.

We believe in a STRONG national defense, and that an overwhelming force of strength with the willingness to use it means that we don’t, in fact have to.  We believe that not only is it not our responsibility to police the planet, but that it is immoral to do so, and that by doing so we create more enemies than we can possibly subdue.  We believe, contrary to what you have been told,  that isolationism is wrong, a wrong-headed, and a failed policy.  We believe in engaging the world with trade and diplomacy, being strong and fearless in the face of all challenges, and like Ronald Reagan, that leading by example is the proper way to pressure nations to behave as they ought to.

We believe that Obama has failed the revolutionaries in Iran, by failing to take the kind of strong stance advocated by Ronald Reagan when he stood in solidarity with the Polish, and when he called upon Gorbechev to tear down the Berlin Wall.

So you who still hate us today, perhaps you do not in fact understand where or why we stand?  Perhaps, speaking frankly, you are still buying the lies and the propaganda that was originally spread about us by a LIBERAL media, and then carried by Fox, who also chose for us the liberal John McCain.  Or, perhaps you just hate the Constitution, wherein we derive 100% of our political doctrine.

I certainly hope, in the interest of party unity, that this overly-long missive causes you to re-think your position on us, as that is my entire goal in writing it.  If it does not, however, then at least come to terms with the fact that we have been here going on three years now, that we are not going away, that we are here to stay, and finally we will in every way possible work WITH as opposed to against the Republican party leadership that we are also members of ourselves, but we will never compromise on our Constitutionalst principles.

Perhaps, even if after all of that you still despise us, at least your knowing exactly where we are coming from and where we stand, will help you to discern the truth from the propaganda.

May God sincerely bless you, and God bless America,

Glen Bradley
Franklin County Republican Party First Vice Chairman
and Candidate for NC State House District 49


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