Beware S909 & HR1966 Hate Speech

The Matthew Sheppard Hate Crimes Bill just got an amendment: the Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Act.  This bill will be easily construed to provide prison sentences for people who offend others online.

Judge Andrew Napolitano breaks it all down in Fox FreedomWatch at the Strategy Desk

Part 1 of 6 Continuous play-list available here:

07/01/2009 Freedom Watch 21 w/ Ron Paul, John McManus, David Bruckner, Mary Ruwart, Jim Babka.


2 Responses to Beware S909 & HR1966 Hate Speech

  1. Glen Bradley says:

    They are trying to find a punishment for that lady who bullied this girl to death. Apparently, some knothead DA decided that there was no traditional statute that allowed them to prosecute. A bold-face lie, and another power grab.

    First, isn’t fraud already a crime? Fraud that results in damage? Fraud plus negligence leading to homicide is negligent homicide, right? If we waterboard someone until they pull the trigger we are rightly liable and deserving of justice.

    Why are they saying “there just isn’t a crime there we can find.” unless they just want to make up another law. To regulate the internet?

    You don’t need to own the wires to prosecute fraud leading to negligent homicide. Uncle Sam wants to nationalize these tubes, kids. To govern speech on the internet according to how offensive it is to others. Keeping records. People this is sick, really.

    Tell Senator to BACK OUT of S909 with every vote in America, in 2010, and 2012, and 2014. Pick up the phone right now and call: (202) 224-3121

  2. […] I am very concerned about the concept of policing speech on the Internet.  Even if their intent were purely benign, the tools and structure that this “official […]

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