Key Legislation

The United States is currently undergoing catastrophic socialistic acceleration.  The government is becoming more ‘social.’  They are trading insurance funds, and capping corporate executive pay.  The ‘fascis’ power hunger is also evident in outright purchase of GM and the dictation of fiat reallocation of stock holding to favor the union lobby.

These bills are coming at a nightmare pace today, and I offer a look at some current key legislation:

Key Legislation In Washington

House: HR1207 Senate: S604 Federal Reserve Sunshine Act

Audit The Federal Reserve Bank


7 JULY Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina introduced S604 as an amendment to the Senate Appropriations Bill, and was blocked by a Democrat Senator.

The Democrats don’t want a vote on Audit the Fed because they are afraid a “no” vote against public sentiment will mark the Democrats badly for special interests in coming elections.

But Audit The Fed had been a relentless grind though the House for 30 years, and a majority is being blocked on both ends by parliamentary procedure.

House: HR2454 American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

Cap And Trade

The bill has passed in the House, has been introduced into the Senate, and does not have a Senate tracking number available yet.

Responding to overwhelming public pressure to not shotgun this through the Senate like they did in the House, a vote on Cap & Trade has been officially put off until September.  Watch for Dem Senators maybe raising the bill early if they see an opening.

Cap & Trade is a value added tax (VAT Tax) on energy according to the value of your carbon footprint, which will be traded on a commodities market that hasn’t really been worked out yet.  The House passed the bill with a blank “place-holder” in place to devise the carbon commodities market AFTER passage.

House: HR1966 Senate: S909 The Mathew Sheppard Hate Crimes Act

–> Megan Meier Cyberbullying Prevention Amendment

This bill, S909 has passed as HR1966 in the House.  Especially worrying is a provision in the cyberbullying bill that would make anybody who offends someone online subject to two years in prison plus fines.

Additionally, the bill revokes Double Jeopardy, specifically in cases where if the Fed does not think you were punished enough for Hate Crimes, they will wait until you get out of State Prison and then re-try and re-punish you for the same crime again.

As these things go, once you violate the 5th Amendment a little, you will eventually violate it a lot.  Next, it will be terrorists who don’t get the double jeopardy protection, and already the Department of Homeland Security is identifying Conservatives, as potential terrorists.

ObamaCare: National Socialized Medicine

–> It’s an Obama nation!

The Obama administration’s nationalized healthcare omnibus is expected, and may be only days away from a vote in the House.  We don’t even have a House Number for it yet.  😎

What makes this bill an abomination of Obama’s Nation is the fact that once again the largest expense in American History may be once again passed before America even gets to look at it.  Another 3AM printing.  We do not have any House bill index number to refer to, so until I have a better option (hint Mrs Pelosi: it starts with ‘HR##” I am forced to refer to this policy as #ObamaCare

You would think by now we would have learned better than to attack just the outer leaves of the bush.  The American failure in healthcare, is that too much goes to middlemen.  Patients pay too much, and doctors get too little.  There is an entire “middle industry” that is the wealthiest bubble in the world, absorbing all of these revenues in the guise of health.

Why are these middleman monsters eating all of our health costs?  Because government has regulated away all of their competition, favored their lobbyists and made it impossible for Joe the Health-Happy guy to set up local accounts in good consciences.

One-To-One Dr to patient care is less expensive /and/ more profitable than our existing system.  And #ObamaCare wants to take us dramatically further away from the right course, by inserting “The US Government” as yet another middleman in the already overextended health bubble.

Don’t let a Federal Cop stand between you and your doctor.  Vote no on #ObamaCare.  Please, speak out!  We can stop this!

  • Senator Richard Burr: (202) 224-3154
  • Senator Kay Hagan: (202) 224-6342
  • Representative Bob Etheridge: (202) 225-4531
  • White House Switchboard: (202) 456-1414

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