NC HealthCare Freedom Act — Feedback saught

Looking for feedback on this one:

Thoughts on a kind of “patient’s bill of rights” seeking to reform NC Health-care in light of the coming federal universal healthcare project.  The following points are items I believe such an act should include.  Please contribute your own ideas prolifically. 😎

North Carolina State Healthcare Freedom Act

Illegal per NC State Law for any employee of State or Federal government to suggest healthcare decisions.

Guarantees the right of NC Citizens to associate with the healthcare provider of their choice.

Mandates by law, that no covered procedure may ever be denied, given a licensed physician determining the procedure ‘appropriate.’

Authorizes tax-free healthcare savings accounts for every NC Citizen, and allows payroll deductions for said accounts.  Establishes a “direct to Doctor” deduction of HSA funds at point of purchase.

Breaks the Drug Lobby by deregulating provider and pharmacist access and provision of medicine, while maintaining safety increasing the penalties for negligence and fraud.

Authorizes group and industry plans, and allows the purchase of plans from out of state.


One Response to NC HealthCare Freedom Act — Feedback saught

  1. jhs says:

    Your last point is very important.

    This link has some details on better plans than HR3200

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