Freedom Acts Five Year Plan

Citizens of North Carolina, and of the Unites States.  I have a plan to restore the Constitutional Order.  It begins with a series of 5 acts at State Level, followed by a similar series of 5 Acts at the Federal level.  We, the conservatives of North Carolina have a plan that is less expensive, and more fiscally sound going forward, and covers more topics and citizens than the Democrats plan.

Glen Bradley, being elected GOP 1st Vice Chairman of Franklin County NC

Glen Bradley, being elected GOP 1st Vice Chairman of Franklin County NC

Vote Glen Bradley for State House d49 and together we will rebuild the public trust, and restore the republic.  Help me pass the following five Acts:


Projected outset: Summer, 2011 — Projected outset means the furthest out date expected for passage

Internal North Carolina Energy Policy is the business of North Carolina alone. Any energy transaction which originates and terminates within the borders and provinces of the State of North Carolina, do not fall under Federal Regulation.

Furthermore, Federal governmental interference in energy policy for transactions which begin and terminate within North Carolina is declared by this assembly to be a violation of the 10th Amendment reserved powers, describing powers reserved to the States; therefore evoking the penalties of law, whether (by case being) civil or criminal justice proceeding.


Projected outset: Winter, 2012

ObamaRaleighNorth Carolina Citizens have a right to freely choose their own healthcare regardless of what plans may be enacted over them. One of the primary components of being a free people is the right to self ownership in our persons and in our bodies, and healthcare is a basic component of this concept.

Make it illegal by North Carolina State law, punishable by prison, for any government employed bureaucrat at any level to suggest care decisions which can only be left between patient and doctor.

Establish a Health Savings Account for every legal NC citizen with a $500 seed, and enable pre-tax income withholding into these stabilized accounts, which mature to cash in 7 years. Enable direct HSA-to-Doctor and HSA-to-Pharmacist debits. Incentivize catastrophic, disaster and long term health insurance plans to account for what the individual health accounts cannot.

Continue to have persons and companies co-fund pretax health withholdings; and allow the INDIVIDUAL USER to proportion that revenue three ways. 0-100% Catastrophic or traditional health insurance. 0-100% deposit into Health Savings Account. 0-100% Contribution to public care.

User decides, “I want to debit 4%, and the company will match me that far so the revenue stream is 4% of my gross income times 2. Given that stream, I want 35% to go to catastrophic and long term care, 55% into my Healthcare Account, and 10% into the public welfare.”

Create a system of 100% /voluntary/ income withholding, paying into a “Public Care” plan to augment the poor’s lack of disaster coverage and smaller HSA accounts. Allow every NC citizen to choose an amount of voluntary withholding for the public plan. Zero to 100.

This “public plan” is really a blanket insurance policy for the uninsured, designed primarily to reduce the impact to hospitals for hosting free clinics. The public in general is asked to make a purely voluntary contribution, which funds collected state-wide are then paid out in direct proportion per capita coverage, to the hospitals having hosted free clinics.

The system is never really expected to pay 100% of cost, but if a hospital’s costs to operate a free clinic are recouped to 80% on account of the voluntary public contributions, then they will certainly be more inclined to have them.


Projected outset: Summer, 2012

A NC-tweaked clone of the Montana Firearms Freedom Act, plus enforcement power. Efforts on going include a preliminary bill text here:


Projected outset: Spring, 2013

As H849 currently in the NC House, plus enforcement power.


Projected outset: Spring, 2014

States that any powers not Constitutionally reserved to the Federal Government or to the States respectively, is reserved to the people, and subject to popular assent. Any and all powers sought by the government, being Federal or State governments not specifically spelled out as authorized in the State or US Constitutions, will be subject to a public caucus and a ballot initiative whether to grant the government permission to set policy. This CONDITIONAL agreement to allow government action in areas not spelled out in the Constitution is based on the Constitutional principle of RESERVED POWERS. If the people choose to reserve the power to do Xyz, then the government will not be allowed power over that domain. If the people choose to release the power to do Xyz, then the government will be granted authority over it.

This sort of permission can, in extreme cases, be revoked and restored and revoked and restored again etc. over time. As long as it is caucused and placed on a ballot initiative coincident with a general election.

This gives the People direct power to permit and revoke powers (reserving of not reserving them unto them selves) of the Federal and State governments. All duties spelled out in the Constitution, of course, are not subject to assent, but rather to the traditional amendment process.

Act will recognize the fundamental concept of citizen sovereignty.

Act will recognize the purpose of the Constitutional Republic, to protect the ultimate minority of the individual.

Act will authorize enforcement measures to penalize/prosecute those who as lawmakers willfully oppose or seek to ‘work-around’ or otherwise negate the provisions of 9th Amendment law.

Triangle North Bands Together to Tell the President NO!

Triangle North Bands Together to Tell the President NO!


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