A Choice to make things better

Glen Bradley is running in NC House District 49 against Lucy T. Allen for NC State House. Glen is a Constitutionalist first and foremost, and his primary plan is to move the legislature towards asserting the right of State Sovereignty through the 10th Amendment, and to protect our citizens from the unconstitutional overreach of our Federal Government.
  • State Sovereignty
Glen Bradley was responsible in 2009 for drawing the entire NC Republican Party into supporting H849, the bill declaring NC State Sovereignty according to the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution. Establishment politics as usual prevented that bill from arriving on the House floor for a vote, but Glen will go into the State House and change that.
  • Firearms Freedom, Healthcare Freedom
Glen Bradley is responsible for the drafting of, and for the winning of sponsorship for the North Carolina Firearms Freedom Act, to be introduced by David Lewis during 2010. Glen seeks in 2011 to introduce for himself the North Carolina Healthcare Freedom Act, which will declare that the individual mandate is both extra-Constitutional and unconstitutional under the 10th Amendment to the US Constitution, and which Act will compel the Governor to employ every available means of financial, political, enforcement, and martial asset to bear within the State of North Carolina to block and prevent Federal interference from demanding or establishing or enforcing an individual mandate amongst the citizens of the State of North Carolina.
  • Returning power to the People
North Carolina will reserve all those powers of government available to us in our own Constitution to our State according to the 10th Amendment, and on your behalf, North Carolina will reserve to her citizens all those powers not enumerated in the US nor in the NC Constitutions, according to the 9th and the 10th Amendments to the US Constitution.
  • Constitutionalist Reform
Glen will work to repeal our State’s ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment, to amend the 14th Amendment section 1 to establish State citizenship as primary and jurisdictional, and will work with the people and with the assembly of NC to repeal or reform the 17th Amendment in order to re-establish the State’s seniority over the Federal Government as our Founders intended.

We need your help:

Glen Bradley will do all of these things, but he needs your help. Glen Bradley is running against a country-club Democrat with fingers in every pie. She will, without effort, be able to raise the average $100,000 for an average victorious State House campaign in North Carolina. If we, the Constitutionalist patriots of North Carolina are going to take back our State and our nation for We the people, then we must stand up against the country-club establishment and show ourselves stronger, and more numerous than her big business and special interest backers. We need to raise $100,000 to to plant the seed that will restore the Constitutional order, and that seed is the election of Glen Bradley to the NC State Assembly.
  • 10,000 Tens for Glen in 2010
Are there not 1000 patriots in North Carolina who would each see $100 to change the way our State and our Nation does business? If there are only 10,000 Tea Party Patriots in the whole State who will give $10, then this campaign will be completely financed. Where are the patriots and the Tea Partiers who demand that we restore the Constitutional order and reject the old guard and the establishment order? It is time to step up and help put your fellow Tea Partier and Constitutionalist into the State House.
  • State Redistricting
It is critical to remember that the issues of our State are even more important than the issues of our nation. The State House elected in 2010 will be responsible for redistricting. For nearly a century, North Carolina has been gerrymandered — as recent confirmed by the United States Supreme Court — which leads to a condition where the citizens of North Carolina are not fairly represented. Glen believes that our House and Congressional districts should reflect the local and geographical communities which they contain. Mis-shaping our districts in order to influence the sort of people they will elect, is a kind of establishment ‘loading the dice’ against the North Carolina citizens. We can only be fairly represented when our districts are fairly drawn. Glen will stand up and fight on the House floor for fair, community based redistricting, that will give the voters the largest voice we have ever had to demand change, when our representatives misbehave.
  • Jobs and the Economy

North Carolina can easily overcome the economic morass that has gripped our nation by encouraging innovation and competition in our State specifically. We must remove the barriers to entry faced by those inventors and innovators that will compel North Carolina into more perfect future markets. This will consequentially create many more jobs in NC, and well-paying jobs, than in the other 49 States. We can attract industry by becoming a 10th Amendment shelter for the free market, encourage competition by reducing the red tape that stymies competition, and produce less expensive, superior quality goods in North Carolina while providing our citizens more high-paying jobs than can be had in the rest of the nation.

Saving our State, and Restoring the Republic:

North Carolina can become the model for national recovery which the other States will emulate. This starts with electing Glen Bradley to the North Carolina State House in 2010.

Visit http://nchouse2010.glenbradley.net/ for more information and to donate to the campaign. Visit http://nchouse49.ning.com/ to volunteer with the Campaign. WE are the hope that we have been looking for, and only WE can create the change that we seek. Even now, in our nations darkest hours we know that it is always darkest before the dawn. In this present crisis we have been given an opportunity to turn the tide and restore the Constitutional order. Will you stand with us and make this happen?

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