My Mission in the NC State House

August 8, 2009

My primary mission in the NC State House, will be to restore the proper relationship between the citizens and our government.

For far too long in our Constitutionally Representative Democratic Republic, those whom we have elected to office of every party have neglected to pay heed to the opinions of their constituents, nor to the Constitutional Law which represents all the citizens everywhere.  They pay lip service to feedback, but when the rubber meets the road and 85% of the citizens are against a bill, they vote for it anyway.  Their lips are near to the Constitution when they need to be, but their principles are absent when it comes to a vote. Ladies and gentlemen, citizens of North Carolina, it is time for this to change.

The path to positive change is found in restoring the Constitutional order, which will restore all of those abused powers back into the hands of We The People, where they rightfully belong.  This path is paved in a series of five legislative Acts, which will restore freedom and independence in the realms of energy, healthcare, firearms, State’s rights, and in individually reserved powers.

Energy Independence and Freedom Act
Healthcare Freedom Act
Firearms Freedom Act
10th Amendment State Sovereignty Act
9th Amendment Reserved Powers Act

The passage of these five Acts will not only bring about revolutionary change in the way government business is run, but will also spur the kind of innovation, entrepreneurship, and productivity that has been the hallmark of economic recovery around the world for the last millennium.

Join forces with me, and whether it only takes a single session of the State Assembly, or if it takes 5, or 10; together:

we will: restore personal market oriented liberty
we will: restore Doctor/Patient independence
we will: preserve the right of citizens to bear arms
we will: return to the States their rightful say
we will: reclaim the principle of Constitutional liberty

Glen Bradley in 2010
for NC State House district 49

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