Tenth Amendment Resolution NC District 2



A resolution to restore North Carolina Sovereignty

I am seeking acclimation on the first resolve.

I would like to encourage debate on this resolution on the convention floor.

I want to debate this at the Convention.

Support H849 NC House Bill H849 urgent urgent

Please support NC House Bill H849


I want to use these resolutions as a recruiting tool for Constitutionalists and gun-rights activists to fill the ranks of the party and to energize new activism.  If we pass them in this house, we can dar Constitutionalists in from all over the Second District.

Grassroots Activism equals victory.

Activate the whole grassroots to a cause, and the cause is accomplished.  Today, a large majority of Americans believe that we have strayed too far from our Constitutional foundation; and I am not alone in seeing that our greatest hope for growth over the next 8 and 16 years will be to become the Party of the Constitution.

We have a chance to save our Republic for posterity.  Fill the GOP to overflowing with Constitutionalists, and elect the same to every office everywhere.  Push in by osmosis, and reform step by step.

START – by supporting NC House H849, supporting the State’s right to claim soverignty under the Tenth Amendment.


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